Homeowner Eligibility 

Metro Paint-A-Thon is a program that helps low-income seniors and people with permanent physical disabilities continue to live independent in their own homes. A volunteer team is matched to scrape, prime, and paint the exterior of eligible homes and garages as volunteer teams are available, thereby keeping it well-maintained, beautiful and an asset to the neighborhood. All of this done at no cost to the homeowner. 

Eligible Homes

Homes are selected based on financial need, the condition of the home and suitability for volunteer workers. Metro Paint-A-Thon does not paint home interiors, duplexes, rental properties, unpainted stucco homes or homes the owner no longer occupies, nor do we prepare homes to go up for sale. If your house is not chosen for 2018, you may complete a new application for the 2019 Paint-A-Thon. 

Eligible Homeowners

Eligible homeowners must be over the age of 60 or have a permanent physical disability and owns and occupies a single-family home in  the 7-county metro area that needs the exterior paint, but does not need major repairs. The homeowner must live in a home where the monthly income of all persons living there does not exceed the following guidelines*:

1 Person: $2,024
2 Persons: $2,744
3 Persons: $3,464
4 Persons: $4,184
5 Persons: $4,904

*numbers from Federal Poverty Index at 200%

2018 Timeline 

  • May 1: Homeowner Application deadline.
  • Late Spring/Early Summer: Paint-A-Thon home inspector visits and evaluates the home for need and difficulty of homes where a volunteer team is available. Paint colors are then selected. You may choose from an assortment of Diamond Vogel paints. We may not be able to provide stain. If your project requires stain, or a color you prefer that we do not offer, you will be responsible for that purchase.
  • July 15: All applicants will be notified if they have been chosen for the 2018 Paint-A-Thon. If your home is selected
  • Month of July: Volunteer team leader contacts homeowner to make painting arrangements.
  • August 4-5: Paint-A-Thon Weekend (when most homes are painted)
  • NOTE: Homes may be painted any time throughout the summer/Paint-A-Thon season depending on Volunteer Team availability/ preference. PAT will check with homeowners before scheduling earlier paint dates.

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