Reasons to Volunteer

Work with a well-respected, organized volunteer program.

Since 1984, Paint-A-Thon volunteer teams have been painting home exteriors for low-income senior and disabled homeowners in the seven-county metro area. Thousands of volunteers have shared our vision over the years and have discovered just how rewarding it is to transform a house, adding a little color to someone's life with both their paint brush and their presence. Nearly half our volunteer teams have participated in this program for 10 years or more. They keep coming back for a reason. 

Show your organization’s compassion & leadership.

Paint-A-Thon is a very visible way to show the community that you care! Volunteer teams become actively engaged in bettering the community – something the neighborhood you work in notices and doesn’t forget. The result of your time keeps low-income senior and disabled homeowners living independently at home, revitalizes the neighborhood, protects the affordable housing stock, and gives volunteers both an up-close look at the struggles our seniors face and an opportunity to do something tangible to address it. 

Enhance employee relations.

Paint-A-Thon is great for employee morale and team-building. Teams spend time in the sun with their colleagues learning to work together in a different environment, meeting people they might not otherwise see in the office, and observing first-hand the difference their hard work has made in someone’s life. 



Make a difference to a homeowner in need.

Paint-A-Thon seeks to restore hope and pride to senior and disabled homeowners by helping them to remain independent in their own home – right where they want to be. Keeping homeowners living safely and happily at home is a benefit to the individual and the community. When seniors who are unable to afford maintenance and upkeep are forced out of their homes, their families may not be able to pick up the cost of a high-priced facility, which falls to the taxpayer. 

Have fun helping others!

Until you experience the Paint-A-Thon, it’s hard to imagine the impact it has on the lives of our homeowners. The joy you bring them by simply caring enough to show up and help is overwhelming. They feel pride in their home, blessed by the kindness you’ve shown them, and they will talk about the time you spent with them for years to come.