Paint-A-Thon Office Responsibilities

  • Plan and implement public relations and outreach efforts.
  • Solicit teams and qualified homeowners.
  • Prepare informational materials for homeowners and team leaders. 
  • Solicit supply donations.
  • Match teams to homes, according to size, difficulty, need and geographic location.
  • Provide paint to volunteer teams.
  • Manage distribution of paint and donated materials. 
  • Act as informational resource for teams and homeowners.
  • Contact PAT staff at (612) 276-1579 or

House Inspector Responsibilities

  • Inspect all qualifying homes.
  • Meet homeowner and explain project.
  • Measure home and calculate the quantity of paint needed.
  • Help homeowner choose colors.
  • Rate home for need and degree of difficulty.
  • Note special concerns that may affect homeowner qualification or paint job difficulty.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • Be aware of and sensitive to the needs and concerns of the homeowner.
  • Show courtesy and respect to the homeowner at all times.
  • Provide painting equipment including scrapers, wire brushes, paint brushes, rollers, pans, and ladders (possible sources: church, friends, job, local hardware store donation, rental).  Paint-A-Thon has a limited store of equipment from in-kind donations that will be distributed as the need arises.
  • Complete prep work. 
  • Finish painting and clean-up of home.     

Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Distribute information about Paint-A-Thon.
  • Ask someone to be a co-team leader to share the duties and responsibilities (optional).
  • Recruit volunteers for painting and for prep work.
  • Most homes require 15 - 30 workers (although smaller teams can be paired with another team or be given a smaller project).
  • Prepare for the likelihood of last minute volunteer cancellations.
  • Volunteers under 18 years are welcome, if adequately supervised.
  • Return completed Team Registration Form to the PAT office by June deadline.
  • Attend Team Leader Meeting in June.
  • In early to mid-July, contact and meet with the homeowner you will be serving.
  • Be especially sensitive to the needs and concerns of the homeowner.
  • Verify chosen paint colors with the homeowner.
  • Look over the home.
  • Review quantities of paint needed.
  • Estimate time needed for completing the painting and any prior prep work. 
  • If you think there are repairs/work you cannot complete, contact the Paint-A-Thon office immediately at (612) 276-1579.
  • Make arrangements for obtaining preparation and painting equipment, including scrapers, wire brushes, rollers, pans, and ladders. Possible sources include team members, congregations, friends, workplace, donations from local stores, rental.
  • Pick up paint at designated warehouse.
  • Keep all team members informed about times, tasks, etc.
  • Identify and complete all preparation work prior to Paint Weekend.
  • It might be helpful to schedule 3-4 volunteers to each side of a home for scraping and other prep work.
  • If desired, divide team into special work groups for specific tasks (e.g. scraping, stirring paint, taking pictures, snacks, equipment gathering, removal and disposal of lead chips).  In addition, assign one team member to be responsible for communicating with the homeowner on preparation and paint days, assign another team member to be in charge of safety during the event, and assign a third team member to be responsible for quality control.
  • Agree with crew to finish painting the house, including final clean-up.

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